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Banned Books Project

I found this by chance through SEBThe Banned Books Project. Normally I wouldn’t link to things like this, since I’m not really a book reader, but seeing as Solonor has used my template, I thought I might as well give him some kudos.
There are a couple of bugs that have surfaced in the template (namely a missing <div> tag somewhere) which I will fix in due course. I will also unleash this altered template that I’m using now as ‘Bluefade Classic’.


  1. Not a book reader?! Harumph! ;p
    Hey, I e-mailed you about using the template. Apparently, I got dumped into the dustbin with the rest of the spam. *sniff*
    Very nice template, btw. 🙂

  2. Ah yes, I just found your email now :-o. Didn’t recognise your name, sorry :).