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Baggy Trousers

It’s been a day of madness, and it’s only half past 1. First there was the fracas of getting to the 13th floor of a building with barely any operational lifts, then going to enroll, and then getting my loan money for this term, while bumping into people and comparing results from lasty year, since this is the first time I’ve seen many people on my course this year.
The weather is being a bitch today – earlier in the week it was sunny, hot and no wind. Today, it’s cold, wet, windy and darn right miserable – typical Bradford weather, in fact.
But, on the plus side, if the rain clears I’ll toddle into town and cash in my cheque to get my extra £990, thus clearing the way for me to pay my fees. Although I’ll wait until it has amassed a bit of interest first…
In other news, Bill Gates donates £100m to help wipe out Malaria in Africa. It’s nice of him, but when you consider he has a fortune of £28bn it’s small beans. Let’s just hope he offloads more of his ill-gotten gains.
Interestinng fact: this is entry #1222. And Thursday is the first anniversary of my move to Movable Type.

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