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Screenshot of my WeeMee image The above is my ‘WeeMee‘ character. It’s a silly thing for MSN6 that allows you to create a cartoon image to use as your avatar while talking to people – that was my best attempt at getting one that looked like me. Though obviously I’m a bit taller. And at the moment I have considerably less hair, although no doubt it’ll be that long in a few weeks.
For some reason, you need IE for it, even though it only uses Flash – it wouldn’t load in Firebird. If it suits you better you can create your own South Park character.
Finally, other than using glorified Flash-animations to draw cartoons of myself, I’m not doing anything much tonight, if it interests you.


  1. hey neil, since i seen you in the real world i can say this definetly looks like you…adam

  2. The WeeMee site ain’t working! Shock! Gasp!

  3. What no spots?
    Surely the student lifestyle you live and love is not good for ones complexion?

  4. That’s what facial wash is for…

  5. i reallly really liie the weemee website

  6. i like the weemee website but to cheat an not pay n e money copy paste to paint an save. lmfao

  7. how do u make a wee mee

  8. it wont work still!!!!!!! i want a weemee!!!!!!!!

  9. it wont work 4 me make it work plz