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Another listy post

I don’t know why, but I’m finding this list format to be a very useful method of displaying weblog posts, mainly because at the moment I’m not on the web enough to be able to post ‘what I found on the web’ posts. Anyway…

  • I downloaded and ran Diskeeper Lite. It seems to do a much better job at defragmenting than the built-in defrag tool – it picked up quite a few fragmented files that the built-in one didn’t. I haven’t noticed a huge boost in system performance but it does seem a little more snappy.
  • I also tried the rather brilliantly-titled ThumbaWumba to see if it was better than Web Album Generator. To be honest, I still prefer the latter.
  • My bandwidth usage seems to be higher than I expected at the moment – 1.6GB out of a maximum of 2GB.
  • Did my laundry today. Unfortunately I’m not so close to the laundrette this year – the university is built in a valley and it’s on the other side, so there’s a number of steps to go up and down. The prices have also gone up, to almost £2 for a 45 minute wash. On the plus side, I have enough free washing tablets to do a further 3 washes, so I suppose I’m saving money that way.
  • I didn’t go on the pub crawl last night, deciding that my cold may well hinder me. Apparently it wasn’t that good anyway. I did go to the FND though, and managed not to drink anything much. As with the laundrette, drinks prices have gone up there too. Darn inflation.
  • I have no idea if I’m doing anything tonight.

One Comment

  1. I tried ThumbaWumba as well, hearing that it might be more what I wanted, but I like Webalbum generator better.
    I think the one I want to use is PHP and I’m not setup for that.