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A Few Things

  1. Last night I went to see a free showing of Bruce Almighty at Student Cinema. The first review of it on IMDB pretty much sums up my opinion of it, but it was enjoyable. There’s also a free film on Sunday, and I have a free ticket for one next Thursday too.
  2. The cold has returned! :-/ Fourth time in 12 months now, which is really starting to take the biscuit. Talking of which, I need to sort out a flu jab for this year.
  3. This week’s Friday Five sucks badly so I’m not doing it.
  4. I can’t remember the last time I defragged the drive, so I’m going to do that this morning while I go and have a shower. If it interests you, I’ll also be using PageDefrag to defragment the bits normal defraggers can’t reach. After all, it’s only a 35KB download. I would use Diskeeper Lite if it weren’t so huge.

One Comment

  1. Yeah, this weeks FF leaves a lot to be desired.
    Lets hope for a better one next week.