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Free stuff inventory

2 small cans of orange Tango
2 cans of some random Asda energy drink
8 clothes washing tablets
3 packets of Niknaks
4 Durex Performa condoms
2 Gillette Mach 3 Turbo razors
2 Jägermeifter test tubes (no actual Jägermeifter to drink out of them though)
5 sampler CDs
1 packet of Harry Potter Fizzing Whizzbees (now since eaten)
1 METRO pen
1 METRO sticky bug thing
1 RBS pig keyring
1 Swizzels lolly
2 sample sachets of Garnier Fructis Style Hard Gel Extreme (?)
1 NHS Direct poster
2 copies of Asda magazine
1 ‘Cheap as Chips’ t-shirt (extra-large size… I take medium :-/ )
1 Revolution fortune cookie
1 Revolution carrier bag
2 Wrigleys Extra Thin Ice Spearmint sampler packs
1 sachet of Twinings fruit tea
1 beer mat
1 Livingstones pen
1 Livingstones keyring
1 sachet of Tabasco
1 sheet of vouchers for Revolution
2 Wham Super Fizz bars
1 NHS Direct pencil
1 Pulse of West Yorkshire window sticker
I love Freshers’ Fairs :-D.


  1. Time to open Neil’s Swap Shop… 😀

  2. Our version of Fresher’s Fair (‘Catapalooza’) just simply blows. If I ever have to change Unis, I’m going to one that gives out free stuff by the bagful.
    Or I could just pay MSU tuition and study in England for a year. Hmmmm.

  3. You could do. Tuition fees for US students in Bradford are around $15000, plus you’ll need around $3000 to live somewhere and probably $2000-$3000 for everything else. Obviously there’s the issue of flights and shipping too. But how does that compare to studying in the US? I gather you guys pay through the nose for your degrees.