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Wireless Wonderings

Argh. It appears that Trillian cannot be used for connecting to, well, anything. Looks like it’s back to MSN6 for the time being :(. Somehow that money I paid for Pro looks suddenly less useful.
Anyway, now that I can use the internet in the comfort of my own room, I had a look to see what the official wireless offerings are like at the university. Turns out we have a total of three hotspots on campus – 1 in the union bar as mentioned before, 1 in the foyer of the main building and another on the ground floor of the library where there are also several ethernet sockets. If they happen to have also supplied electrical sockets I may well consider seating myself there should I need to download something big, such as the next release of OpenOffice, or XP SP2 whenever that finally gets unleashed.


  1. My campus has wireless over the entire thing, except for the dorms, that is using cable internet. Of course, I don’t live in the dorms, so I have my DSL. Good luck in college!

  2. Wonder what’s up with Trillian?… I use the new Beta — works great at work, but crashes at home if I have the plugins loaded (too lazy to figure out WHICH plugin(s) cause it).
    In Trillian, go to Tasks > [IM Service] > Status and it will show you why it errors out. Maybe that’ll help. (?)

  3. (Trillian) Nevermind… guess I should read your previous post regarding the firewall. 🙂
    I think you can get AOL/IM to work over HTTP port 80.