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Those photos…

Since I can actually use FTP, here are photos of where I’m living this year. You may compare it to my previous abode.
(Oh yeah, and the disk does still work on my computer. Must be a Windows 2000 thing)

A general view from the doorway. The printer now lives on the top of my bookshelf, above my stereo system, with the printer table now being used as a bedside table since none was provided. The bowl originally contained my breakfast – I can now assure you that it has been washed up, however.

The sink area. Looks like a new sink complete with taps that don’t suck, like last year. New wardrobe too with plenty of space up top for storing cardboard boxes. It also stores all my snacky food and various other cr*p that I have lying around.

The view out of my window. The halls are arranged in blocks of around 24 rooms (8 per floor) around the car park.

And this is my block, from the outside.

The corridor area. I’m the second on the left. I still don’t know who is living in the other three rooms here though.

Our kitchen, one of two in the block. Still the original 1960s fittings, but new fridge/freezers, new cooker (out of sight) and new microwave. Like last year there are two kettles but one of those is one I bought since it was cheap and likely to be better than what was provided. No toaster though.

Finally, on a somewhat unrelated note here’s what on my desktop at the moment – click on it to see it full size. Image was stolen from b3ta.


  1. Haha, I love the background picture.

  2. Sweet digs. What are the flatmates like?

  3. They seem to be alright. Of the 4 that I’ve seen, 2 are really nice and friendly, 1 is quite quiet and the other I have yet to speak to.

  4. Dude, I think we have the same size rooms. :-/