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Houston, we have internet

This is coming from my laptop in my room at Uni, so if you can read this then the connection is working alright.
The bad news is that all IM services appear to be blocked, with the exception of Jabber although since none of my Jabber contacts are online I can’t confirm that. I have a feeling that MSN et al will work after 8pm though. Or at least, I hope so…
At least being behind the university firewall means that ZoneAlarm doesn’t get the same pounding as it does at home – all traffic coming in, out and through the university on port 135 has been blocked so that damn Blaster worm and its friends can’t keep poking me.
Anyway, I have about three carrier bags full of free stuff that I picked up at the Fresher’s Fair, including two Gillette Mach Three Turbo razors. I feel an eBay auction coming on… >:-)

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