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Funky Formatting

I was about to upload some photos of my room, but this Windows 2000 machine has decided that the floppy disk I was using isn’t formatted. Strange because XP had no problem with it.
So yeah, I’m still internet-less in my room – I’ll see someone about it today as the lack of programs on the library computers is immensely annoying. I could really do with an FTP client right now but there isn’t one, and we’re prohibited from installing our own programs, presumably to stop people installing viruses or programs that can give elevation of user priviledges, etc.
A good mail client would also be useful. Although all of my accounts have webmail interfaces (that’s all 4 of them), there’s just something about having a dedicated program that makes it so much better. Which reminds me – SquirrelMail is annoying me, because it removes all HTML from HTML messages. So if someone has embedded a link in a paragraph, it doesn’t show. Useful :-/ .
On the plus side, as of Friday I will be temporarily £1737 richer – I say temporarily because the bulk of that is tuition fees and the first installment of my halls rent, so it’ll disappear soon. But my student loan cheque should be ready on Monday so that’ll let me go a bit further, and I still have a nice wodge of cash in the bank to keep me going.
Going back to internet access, I discovered yesterday that at least one of the union bars is part of The Cloud, which is a network of pubs that all have wireless internet. You have to pay at one of the slot machines to use it (which seem to run Windows judging by the brief appearance of a command window when you select a game), but if I ever get a laptop with a battery that lasts more than 10 minutes it might be worth investigating. The main entrance also has an internally run hotspot that’s apparently still free. So… anyone wanna buy me a wireless PCMCIA card? 😉


  1. Can’t upload via FTP? Erm, aren’t you running Movable Type which has a file upload facilty? And I’m sure if your site is hosted on a control panel provided webserver (such as Ensim, Ensim Pro, Cpanel, Usermin and the like), you’ve got access to a file upload facility there…
    Excuses excuses 😉

  2. What I actually wanted to do was edit an .htaccess file on the server, so MT’s built in thing would probably be useless in that sense.
    But thanks for the heads up about Ensim allowing me to do that – I never knew it could. I shall have to investigate its features further :).