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Still here

Still no internet in my room as yet. If I hear nothing by Thursday I’ll start making some noise. Strangely, there’s a recently erected aerial in the car park outside the halls – I wonder whether that’s for wireless networking? There is already a hotspot elsewhere on campus so I’ll have to invest in a wireless card and find out.
I’m feeling a lot better than yesterday, though I’m still a little rough around the edges. I did actually manage to eat breakfast without needing to stick my head in the sink, which is good because it was the first real food I’d had in 36 hours.
I’ve got my TV license address updated (a very painless procedure), although unfortunately the TV reception is even worse than last year, so I spent most of last night listening to, rather than watching TV. Radio reception is at least bearable but also could be better.
Tomorrow is the Freshers’ Fair, which is basically an opportunity to pick up loads of free stuff. Obviously it’s aimed at freshers and not returning students, but then freshers don’t need that stuff as much as we do since they don’t have nearly as much debt :). Last year I left it quite late and couldn’t get much so this year I’ll make sure I go early.
Still haven’t met many people from my block, although considering I barely left my room yesterday it’s probably my fault.
If you’re after some actual weblog content, in case you don’t know CNet has had a redesign, and now has an accessable, standards compliant, tableless design, which is nice.

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  1. Great chance to pull a few tasty freshers too.