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Narcotic Nectar

Since you can’t order cards online (why not?), I picked up a Nectar card at a branch of Thresher’s Wine today, seeing as we were passing it . Basically it’s a loyalty card that gets you discounts at various places – the most useful to me being Sainsbury’s (where I occasionally shop, although I mostly go to Netto 🙂 ) and Vodafone who I pay my phone bills to. And occasionally I have to get stuff from Debenhams.

Anyway, there was the option to register the Nectar card online, which, despite the inclusion of a freepost envelope, I decided to do. It was alright, until I got to the terms and conditions page – and, for those reading a suitably equipped RSS reader, here’s the reason why this entry is under ‘Web Design’. The ‘small print’ was very small. Very very small, to the point at which I had trouble reading it – even on 17″ monitor at quite a low resolution. What’s worse, because I’m using my parent’s computer I have to use IE, the font wouldn’t get bigger if you adjusted the size. To me, that is almost criminal.

Of course, I could have just installed Mozilla, but that’s not the point. To me, it almost seems like Nectar have made the font size that small deliberately, such that no-one will read it and therefore ignore the “By applying for a card you agree that we own your soul” clause. (Okay, so that isn’t in it, but you get my point.)

By the way, this may well be my last entry for a while – I’m going to university tomorrow and may well be without internet access for a few days.


  1. With a laptop and a Wi-Fi card I’m sure you’ll fine some access soon enough 🙂

  2. “theose” should be “those”. There, I told you about a typo :-p
    As far as small print in a browser which doesn’t allow for resizing of text… couldn’t you have copied it into another program, a text editor, and read it at a decent size? I know that shouldn’t be necessary, but it is easier than installing Mozilla for a single website.
    – Chris B

  3. Oh my, typo #2, “Netcar” (the hyper link) should be “Nectar”, I believe.

  4. up a Netcar card? Hmm, I’ve heard of Nectar cards but… 😉

  5. That shows what happens when I type in a hurry :).
    There is wifi in one part of the university but I don’t have a wifi card yet (since I don’t use it often enough).

  6. i *did* tell you about a typo on the comments – or at least there is a type on the approving a comments page….it was a LONG time ago too.
    When I tried to register my card for nectar online I was told the server was too busy and that i’d have to ring in my registration. Still got the extra 500 points though.