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eBay Embarrassments

Two slightly embarrassing things happened with regards to eBay this morning. The first was that I found a cheque that was to pay for one my auctions from January that I still hadn’t cashed yet. Since it was for nearly £10, I do intend to cash it, but in the meantime I have sent an email to the ebayer in question so that he/she doesn’t get a surprise on their next bank statement.
The second was with a cheque that arrived today, in payment for an auction from earlier in the week. When I had checked originally, there was only 1 bid for 15p plus 80p postage. So I was a little surprised when a cheque for &pound2.80 came through the door. I was about to send the buyer an email when I realised that there had been 4 bids, and the item had actually sold for £2 :).
So, hopefully, I’ll be in the money. Talking of which, since I haven’t spent as much money this week as I imagined I would, it looks like I’ll be going out tonight as well, although I’m still not sure yet. Part of that is down to the fact that tomorrow night will be spent at my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary, and because Fresher’s Week kicks off on Sunday which means I’ll probably go the whole week with minimum amounts of sleep. Oh yeah, and then term starts in earnest, so I’ll have to juggle sleep compensation with studying…

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