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Slippery Sales Tactics

This is interesting. I’ve had emails from both Easy Internet Services and 123-Reg (who manage and respectively) about companies sending fake “Your domain is due for renewal – complete this form and enclose payment to keep your domain name” emails to try to win custom. Must be quite serious.
As it is, I have received neither. But then I never got the Paypal scam email either, although I have had the “You are not listed on all the major search engines” emails. In fact, one of those went to my mum for this site – must’ve been the first email address they culled when they were spidering it (although email addresses are now hidden from view).
Talking of which, I’ll have to do something with someday.


  1. I’ve had a letter in the post from DORA. Drop me a mail if you want to see it. I registered the domain 2 years ago and this arrived 3 months before the renew date AND lied about the expiry date.
    It’s so f’ing dodgy…

  2. I actually received a phone call from somebody trying to tell me one of my domains was going to expire and I needed to renew over the phone right away. They even wanted to fax me more information. Strange things people will do for money.

  3. It’s all a con. The reason it’s a con is because their are (rogue) resellers for what is basically a subscription service.
    Remember the dodgy gas-man knocking on peoples door offering to ‘save them money’ or ‘abolish the standing charge’ if they converted to a dual fuel tariff?
    Just imagine what would happen if mobile companies could do this? What stops them is regulation… (OFTEL/Etc) requiring the customer to contact the current supply sevice and request a code to port their number. Without the code all bets are off.
    (well almost)
    The NIC’s (resellers) are just about catching on to this one and I’ve noticed recently a load of ‘lock’ options appearing on the sites. With any luck this will clear things up, abet slowly.