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Waste of packaging

Photograph of two boxes

My father’s digital camera arrived a few minutes ago. The box on the left is the box that was delivered. The box on the right was the actual box for the camera, inside the bigger one.
Ah well, at least I have plenty of giant bubble-wrap to play with. And incidentally, I used my own camera to take the photo.


  1. Is that a Sony camera?
    I got a P92 (Sony) and it is superb in all respects!

  2. It’s a Minolta, actually. Sony make good cameras but their memory sticks can be extortionate. This one takes SD cards which can be bought cheaply :). It came with a 16MB card but he already bought a 128MB card since he got £13 off the price if he bought them both together.

  3. Was it Amazon that shipped it? I’m always amazed at their packaging excesses.

  4. Was there an even smaller box in the camera box? And then an even smaller box in that box? And so forth, etc etc.
    I like Canon’s range of digital cameras. I hope to one day even own one.

  5. Actually it was Dixons who shipped it. We’d bought the camera in a shop in Edinburgh but there were none in stock, so they offered to deliver it to use for free, which was nice.
    My father already has a Canon EOS 500N ‘analogue’ camera, and what a fine beast it is. Canon make good cameras.