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Someone from searched the site for ‘bum cleavage’. Although I have posted my bum here on a couple of occasions, and in the past talked about Avril Lavigne, there is sadly no bum cleavage. I could offer mine, but trust me, you don’t want to see it.
Talking of arses, or rather RSS, there’s a Lockergnome Webmaster Weekly issue largely devoted to it.
According to Quanta, it is Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19th. Might be a good day to see Pirates of the Caribbean. If I need someone to go with, I’ll remind people that it has Johnny Depp in it.
If Chris Pirillo replied to all of his penis enlargement spam, he’d have an erection for 218.3 years. That would be a record – according to Sexual Records the longest possible erection is 27 years. It is based on an assumption, though.
Added: Actually that article is 4 years old – the longest possible erection should now be a more impressive 31 years.
I suppose I should now link to an article about boobies to complete the set, but I haven’t found anything interesting about them lately. Although having now mentioned breasts, penises and arses in the same post I’m going to end up with some really strange referrals. Perhaps, even, more searches for ‘bum cleavage’.
Update: I do have a breast-related joke, actually: Why is breast milk better than powdered baby milk? Breast milk comes in more attractive containers.

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  1. September 19th is Talk Like A Pirate Day.

    Don’t forget. Mark your calendar. Be sure to stock up on eye patches and peg legs ahead of time. Why? Cause September 19th is Talk Like A Pirate Day. This friendly reminder brought to you by Neil T….