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Plans for the week


Tidying phase I. Go out bowling in the evening. Burn tongue at Burger King after eating overcooked Chicken Royale with insufficient mayonnaise. Curse Megabowl for charging £2.90 for a Smirnoff Ice.


Try to remove icky combination of hair gel and grease from hair. Stay at home and wait for Dad’s digital camera to be delivered. Sort out recently downloaded music and photos that are still on my camera. Watch stuff I videoed last night.


Go out and post flyers to people. Go out clubbing, meet people, get drunk and spend all my money.


Nurse hangover. More tidying, start packing for Uni.


More tidying, more packing. Get haircut. Oh yeah, and do the Friday Five. Thanks Chris.


Go shopping. Apologise for not going to a birthday party in Manchester. Go to grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary. Get drunk on cheap sparkling wine.


Nurse hangover. Final packing for Uni. Go to Uni. Meet people.

One Comment

  1. You forgot the Friday 5!.. How could you?