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Email and LG

Since I know this domain is safe, I’m now in the process of retiring my neilturner [at] address which I’ve had for the past year, and replacing it with several others. In the past, I’ve used my neil [at] address to forward mail to my Bradford address (which will now only be for university stuff), but it’s now added as a separate account, which picks up all mail to this domain. Which is great, because I can use different aliases on different web sites (and then block an alias if it starts generating spam). Frequent commenters Andy, Richy and Chris do that already. I’m also using various aliases for different newsletters – one for my Lockergnome subscriptions, another for LangaList, and so forth, although the reason here is because I can use them to filter mail, not because I’m worried they will generate spam.
I’ve also taken the opportunity to reduce my Lockergnome subscriptions. I’m no longer subscribed to LG Windows Digest (I only used it for archive purposes anyway) and I prefer to read Bits and Bytes in a weblog format, so that’s gone too. Similarly Penguin Shell just isn’t the same without Tony, who of course is now involved in uptime (which does have some interesting articles from time to time). To be honest, I’m getting increasingly less enthusiastic about reading content through email – I much prefer the blog format. As Chris himself says, Email publishing is dead.
Oh, by the way, do not send anything to info@ or sales@ my domain. I’ll probably filter these straight to Deleted Items because all I get is spam from them. Although it is quite amusing to read how they got my email address “from my business web site”…. uh, yeah…

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  1. Sitename@mydomain.dom has worked wonders for me over the 6-7 years I’ve done it. However I nuked my nildrm account as it’s 100% spam now. However it has made me 100% sure that spamassassin kicks (royal) ass.