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Screenshot of Abilon Abilon, as well as being a mispelling of ‘albion’, is an RSS aggregator. And a good one at that.
Take the best bits of FeedReader – small, low footprint, simple interface – and add onto that support for RSS 2.0 (and all the other versions), the content:encoded namespace, and a good selection of pre-installed feeds. Then, you’ll have Abilon. It’s less than 400KB to download, probably won’t use more than 8MB in memory (most of which is IE’s rendering engine) and even has a built-in blogging tool that works with Blogger, LiveJournal and MovableType, which is up to the same standard as w.bloggar 1.0 (if you can remember back that far).
Colour me impressed. Admittedly FeedDemon looks to be the current king of free RSS clients, what with its highly customisable interface and advanced features (I did write a review but it got accidently overwritten), but if you don’t want an all singing, all-dancing newsreader then I’d have difficulty recommending anything else.
Well, okay, SharpReader is good if you have a better computer than I do, and NetNewsWire is apparently great on the Mac. But Abilon is fine for Windows users like me.


  1. My favorite RSS feed reader is Bloglines ( They do everything that the other guys do, however, you can read your feeds “ANYWHERE” because the reader is web-based and not software on your computer.

  2. Whoa. FeedDemon is amazing. Thanks!

  3. I really like my feedoffeed routine that does the same as bloglines but is on MY server. Have you actually tried abilon Neil? The screenshots on the page are actually of their non-free software, ActiveRefresh. The other problem with feeddemon is that it won’t always be free as its just in beta at the moment. It does look good though.

  4. Well, the screenshot I provided was of Abilon on my own computer, so yeah, I guess I’ve tried it :). And it is free, unlike FeedDemon which, as you say, probably won’t be when it’s out of beta, sadly.