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Playing around a bit

Just made a few minor changes to the design of the front page. Any thoughts?
Note that if your browser supports stylesheet switching, you can get something near the old look by choosing ‘Modern Page Style’ from the stylesheet list. If you browser doesn’t support stylesheet switching, you may need to get a better browser.


  1. HEY NEIL REMEMBER ME…GUESS WHAT…SEE YOU AT BRADFORD X). CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT BRADFORDS WEB Acceese is like..cos i really need some good bandwith….is this possable???

  2. Oh dear….
    Decent bandwidth? Ha! The library has a 10MB connection but the rooms only have dial-up, and almost all P2P services are blocked, as is IRC chat, and using them is against regulations. If you’re doing Computer Animation you may get the software you need from your department though.

  3. arhhhhhh HOW THE HELL AM I MENNA PLAY GAMES! is there no recreational web use?

  4. Well, if you’re in halls you could set up a network with your friends and use that.
    Web access is supposed to only be for academic use – some recreational use is allowed but playing games probably isn’t – it takes up a lot of bandwidth (and it’ll be much smoother over a network than on dial-up). You’ll get a thing to agree to when you get your user name and password which tells you in great deal what you can and can’t do.
    But if you’re anything like me you’ll spend most of your time either working or out with your mates and won’t have that much time for playing games.

  5. but conter strike