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Golden Web Award

I won this:

It’s nothing big – a lot of web sites win this, but hey, it costs nothing to enter…
In other news, the tag change has gone through 😀 . The WHOIS record has now been updated so the name servers are now and . Phew!
I just find it slightly ironic that I’ve had more emails in the past 24 hours than nearly 12 months of service with them. At least Easy Internet/3050 Hosting are a little more, erm… verbose.


  1. And what’s that meant to mean? 😉
    Actually, it’s a very hard job for web hosts to get “just the right amount” of email to customers. I know that Easy Internet Services have been launching new services left right and centre the last few months – but should they inform their customers of all these items (which may provide a whole range of benefits) and risk people interpreting it as spam (we’re talking just one mail a month on average) or keep quite and let customers find out about the new services themselves even though the new packages may be better suited to them?
    And “account setup” emails? Should hosting companies provide very long detailed emails giving configuration options for FTP (CuteFTP, WS_FTP LE and a few other popular programs), FrontPage, Outlook, etc etc – or just short, four liners such as “Here’s your login details: it’s up to you to figure out how to use them”. And remember not everybody knows what DNS servers are (some can’t grasp the fact it takes up to 72 hours for new domains to propagate…)
    I know Easy Internet Services usually go out of their way to help customers, but some customers have decided to “cut corners” on costs in so many ways (I’m thinking about style customers: 99p/month for a domain name, but

  2. I know what you mean. It is nice to know that you’re still a valued customer though, and getting email like that reinforces that view.
    If it had been me sending out the initial email, I would have given over the basic details and then added “For help with specific utlities, like SmartFTP or FrontPage, please see such and such a page on our support web site” :). But then if your company offers various different packages you can vary the emails depending on the package. A very basic package aimed at less experienced users would need a lot of detailed help, whereas, for example, your Easy Hosts service is aimed at more advanced users who are likely to know the nitty gritty and just need the passwords.
    Not that I’m trying to tell you how to run your business, or anything… 😉