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Department of poor visibility

I’d just like to rant about the web site for the UK’s Department of Transport. Open it in IE, and apart from looking a little boring, it tends to look alright. Open it in Mozilla, and the font size is so small that it’s barely readable.
It gets worse. They claim that the site is compliant to the W3C WAI Priorities 1 and 2, and even have an accessibility statement to prove it. Great. It’s accessible to people who are totally blind, but if you happen to use Linux and only have a little trouble seeing you have to increase the font size just so that you can read, well, anything.
It also has a few rendering issues here and there in Mozilla. Someone really needs to do some more site testing over there.

One Comment

  1. Neat. They claim to:
    The site has also been tested for, and complies with, Bobby compatibility
    Guess not: