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Theme me baby

I’ve come across one major problem with Firebird – choosing a theme.
No, seriously, it’s a problem – there’s so many. I’m used to normal Mozilla where there are only really 2 decent themes (Modern and Orbit 3+1 – the others are either the same but in a different colour or look like they’ve been done in MS Paint). Firebird, on the other hand, has many, many good themes.
If you’re interested, I’m currently flicking between the following:

  • Crystal – inspired by KDE – nice and colourful with a metallic look and a cute penguin as the throbber 🙂
  • Phoenity Christmas – okay so Christmas is months away yet but it looks more professional than plain vanilla Phoenity. And the PNG transparency is cool.
  • Orbit 4 – nice big chunky theme. Still got a way to go yet though.
  • Bluemonkey – cool retro theme! It has the look of the ‘Modern’ Mozilla theme from late 1999, which I actually still like. And the Options dialog looks really good too.
  • MZ – a theme using the colours from MozillaZine, which incidentally celebrated its 5th birthday yesterday. There’s quite a cool chronology there at present.

You see, all you IE users are missing out on this. You’re stuck with your boring default colours, unless you use some registry hack to change your toolbar background. Or use Hotbar, but then you’d be putting known spyware on your computer.


  1. Mac IE 5.x allows the user to change the color scheme (between a handful of colors). So… yeah, I think I’ll try out Firebird soon.

  2. Nice to see Kent Thuresson’s art appreciated
    It would be nice if people read the bit that states clearly [afaik] that the mng throbber doesn’t work after Mozilla 1.4

  3. I use the Pinball 0.6.6. theme in my Phoenix. Try it, it is nice. Cheers

  4. Pinball for full Moz is ace, but doesn’t have all the extras Firebird needs, otherwise I’d recommend it like a shot.

  5. Check out my themes for Mozilla & Firebird. Right now Smoke is my only Firebird theme.