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Arabian Persian Nights uses my template, except it’s in Arabic Persian. A rather cool use that I didn’t expect :).
I’m continually impressed by the number of takers for this design and the complimentary feedback I’ve been getting – thanks ever so much guys. Be assured that when I change the design, if it is one of my own creations I will release it unto the web for you to download and include in your own blogs.


  1. Hi… this site…. Lostlord is not Arabic, It is persian and it is for a guy from Tehran, Iran We don’t speak Arabic and our Alphabet has 4 more letters than theirs.
    Thanks and have nice days, nights … and LIFE

  2. Ooops, sorry about that! Should’ve known because I’m friends with several people who can write in Persian.

  3. Dear Neil,
    This is Lost, one of the writers at
    I was surprised to see your post about us.
    I should thank you for your very neat & rich template, It was a very good source of MT template tags for me. I am now designing simple Templates using the Idea came from yours. As “Shahriar” -which is unknown to me- said, It’s a Persian or Farsi weblog. I was searching the net for a template to start a blog and to get rid of the common MT template everyone is using. Finally I came across your site. I thought It’s a good design and will fit our site till we get a new one. But when I checked the HTML code I was shocked how neat and straight forward everything was.
    Again thanx.

  4. As Shahriar said, we are not Arab, the people living in IRAN, (which speack and write Farsi or Persian) only use the same font as Arabs, (As languages like English, French and Turkish use the same alphabet but are of completely different languages. The culture is not the same either. We share the same religion but of different opinions. I wish it is clear.