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Comment submission message

I’ve made the comment submission process a little more user-friendly. At present, once the comment has been submitted, it just returns to the entry page, giving no real indication of whether the comment was received or not. This is because under normal circumstances the comment would show up, but since I installed the Comment Queue Hack, it doesn’t.
So, here’s how I made it more graceful, just in case you’re interested in implementing Comment Queue yourself. Note that this will only work if you don’t use the Javascript popup windows (and instead have all of your entries and comments on the individual archive pages).

  • In the Individual Entry Archive template, find the <input type="hidden" name="static" value="1" /> line and delete it. This makes Movable Type load the entry page once the comment has been submitted, which we don’t want. You’ll need to rebuild all of your entries after this change.
  • Now open the Comment Listing Template, and delete most of the code in the body. All I have in there now is an <h1> tag with the name of the blog, a ‘Thank You’ heading and a message to say ‘Thank you for submitting blah blah…’. And that’s all you need. You can also delete the JavaScript in there too.
  • Finally, you may like a ‘Go back to entry’ link, which you can acheive with <$MTEntryPermalink$> in an anchor (link) tag.

And that’s it. Far more graceful, I think you’ll agree :).

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