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ZoneAlarm Crash

An interesting thing happened this morning. I decided to give the Sygate Online Scan a try – it’s like Steve Gibson’s ShieldsUp in that it probes your computer, and attempts to find out what operating system and web browser you have, what your computer name is and what services you have running on the computer. As it was, it was unable to complete the last two (which means it’s likely that the firewall is doing its job properly), and I could have fixed the first one if I wanted to since all it seems to do is check the User-Agent string in outgoing HTTP headers.
But here was the interesting bit – I was watching the Alerts and Logs window in the ZoneAlarm window, and, just as it was about to finish, ZoneAlarm crashed!
Before you start running around in hysterics, it appears that only the UI failed – TrueVector, the actual firewall bit, was still operational and in the time between the UI crashing and me reloading it, 3 intrusion attempts had been blocked. But it’s still slightly worrying – this was the latest version. Whether it was because I had the UI window open, rather than minimised to the tray as usual, or something related to Sygate’s security check itself, I’m not sure. Although I’d be worried it was the latter.

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