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Despite the fact that this isn’t a program review, I’ve put it in the Program Reviews category because it’s a program that I need to review at some point.
The program is Privoxy, which looks like an cross-platform, open source version of The Proxomitron (which isn’t being developed anymore). I use the Proxomitron from time to time for blocking my referer and user agent strings when browsing certain sites, particularly when dealing with certain sites while editing at the ODP (in short, I don’t want a spammer to know how I’ve found their URLs so that they can’t block or mask them). It’s also quite funny to see how sites react to a user agent of “I’m not telling you!” :).
Anyhow, if it’s as good as The Proxomitron then I’ll be impressed.


  1. Just out of interest, how do you know it’s related to Proxomitron ?

  2. Privoxy works as a proxy and blocks advertising and various related things, like The Proxomitron does. I’m not saying that it is based on the same codebase, just that the program description suggests something similar.