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John Bramham 1944 – 2003

Photograph of John Bramham My godfather, John Bramham, died of a heart attack earlier this week – we just found out today. My parents are both devastated – my father has known him since grammar school and he’s been a friend of the family ever since. He has also worked for my mother’s charity, so when I phoned her at work to tell her it was a shock to the whole office.
He was the sort of person you couldn’t not know – he was a very eccentric, friendly and amusing character whose name always brings happy memories. Probably my best memory of him was at his eldest daughter’s wedding (where the photo shown was taken) where he organised everything, leaving his daughter and her newlywed husband to merely ‘follow orders’. That said, it was very well-planned and everyone had a very enjoyable day.
He will leave behind many friends, whether they are friends of the family, friends at places he has worked at, or friends in his local village where he was a member of the local parish council and was very much involved in village events.
We’ll miss you, John.


  1. Neil, sorry to hear about your loss

  2. I am truly sorry to hear that. I only hope he didn’t suffer too much.
    He seems like a wonderful man, and he has a admirable dress sense as well.