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Things that are annoying me today

  1. Expedia flash banner ads on Multimap which slow my poor PC down to a crawl.
  2. Insect bites here there and everywhere.
  3. The infernal über-zit below my lip that still hasn’t gone away.
  4. The fact that my parents are both off work today.
  5. The continuing battering my firewall is getting from port 135 viruses.
  6. The ‘mail undelivered’ messages I keep getting for mails I never sent.
  7. People who still whine about my stance on MSN Messenger Plus! . It has spyware. Yes, it’s optional, but it doesn’t explain on clear terms what it does, and it shouldn’t even be there in the first place in my opinion.
  8. MT-Validable wrecking my Unicode escaping (apologies to all Mozilla users)

On the other hand, my student loan has been processed and will be available within the next 6 weeks (it’s 3 weeks until I go back, but I do have some spare cash), and I’m going car shopping. Though not for me.


  1. 1. Well how about the most flexible anti-ad-proxy? : a free, highly flexible, user-configurable, small but very powerful, local HTTP web-filtering proxy.
    2. Read this, and whack some medication on those bites.
    3. Wash more 🙂 … with one of the ‘oxy’ products.
    4. Oh no, they are going through your stuff??!! but I doubt it.
    5. Block the packets rather than denying them. Then just filter the logs.
    6. Sounds like you may have been JoeJobbed to me.
    7. Use exodus. 🙂

  2. Well, actually…
    1. I have it, but it kinda slows down my net connection. I might fiddle was some Firebird extensions which supposedly block these nasties.
    2. I’ll let them heal 🙂
    3. Oxy products dry my skin out. But yeah…
    4. Their very presence is annoying. But it’s only another 20 days until I reclaim my independence.
    5. The firewall is stealthed – it’s blocking them but not giving a ‘denied’ response.
    6. It’ll be that SoBig annoyance.
    7. Using Trillian anyway :). Just had to help disinfect someone’s machine today as well.
    8. An error with the Validable plugin means that & # xxxx ; characters are escaped, so I entered it in wrong to see if it would work. It, errr… didn’t, but I went out for a while so I couldn’t fix it. See next entry :).