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Longhorn looking lovely

Paul Thurott has leaked a few more Longhorn screenshots, which seem to suggest that Arial, rather than Tahoma, is now the default font, and that ClearType is enabled by default (hazzah!). Which means that Windows is finally catching up with OS X and a number of recent Linux distros that have XFT enabled by default…
Actually, it does look pretty damn impressive, although according to OnlineBlog, which was my source on this occasion, it could be 3 years before Longhorn is in the hands of consumers. In which case, I hope that the likes of RedHat, LindowsOS, MandrakeSoft and SuSE all take note and get there first with their relevant Linux distros. Seriously, with more and more cases of large organisations making wholesale switches to Linux, the last thing MS needs is delays in getting Longhorn out, otherwise it will lose custom. In the world of computing, three years is a long, long time.
Of course, Mac users have probably had something like this for yonks, but, heh…


  1. The more I see, the more I want!

  2. I’m not totally thrilled by the UI. It looks too unpolished (but that is ofcourse expected for a pre alpha version). I’m still very interested in seeing the Aero interface (the ones leaked so far are not Aero).
    Personally I’m more interested in Avalon/XAML (MSFT version of XUL) which is what will be used for Longhorn specific applications.

  3. Actually, it looks like a condensed Myriad, not Arial. (And by a coincidence Apple is using Myriad as their typeface…)