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Stoke me a clipper, I’ll be back on Monday

Going away for the weekend to see family in Stoke-on-Trent, via Chatsworth House in Derbyshire which we’re visiting on the way. See you on Monday.
I just hope my 10MB mailbox is big enough to cope with all of the SoBig junk I’ll get over the next few days…


  1. “Stoke me a clipper”
    Man, you UK folk really talk funny sometimes 😉

  2. Bad move – the traffic into Chatsworth is a NIGHTMARE on a bankholiday weekend!
    Wave hi to Congleton as you pass!

  3. Andy: True, but we were originally going to Matlock which was featured on the local TV news as being a place to avoid. The other two are the A64 from Leeds to Scarborough (which we’ll be using) and the A1 around Bramham (which we’ll be using too) :(.
    Oh well, we’ll see.
    Jake: The title is a play on a Red Dwarf quote :).

  4. “The title is a play on a Red Dwarf quote”
    (Jake, heading over to Google to figure out what Neil’s talking about, because Jake is a stupid American who doesn’t know a damn thing)

  5. Snippet: Holiday…

    Like Neil, I’m now on holiday – but unlike him, I’m away until a week on Sunday. See you in September!