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So that’s where my HD space went

A new version of ZoneAlarm came out recently (3.7.202), and so today I upgraded it. At the same time, I also cleared out much of my Internet Logs folder. Here’s some stats:
Since I installed ZoneAlarm, back in April, I have had 52 678 intrusion attempts blocked, of which 14 837 were classed as ‘high rated’. This has generated around 85MB of logs.
So I’ve gone through and deleted anything older than August 1st and saved myself nearly 75MB of disk space in the process. If you’ve been running ZoneAlarm for a while, you might want to this too – the log files should be in C:\Windows\Internet Logs (or the equivalent folder on your machine).


  1. You.. are..a…Bradford Uni..student? Cybernetics?

  2. Nearly… Computing (the department next door).