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Faster approvals

David Raynes has created a Perl version of the CommentQueue hack which I use for the pre-moderation of comments. Unlike the ScriptyGoddess PHP version, it has built-in entry rebuild functionality, which is great because I’ve never been able to get Tim’s mt-rebuild script to work and so I’ve had to rebuild everythign manually.
While David’s version is a little more basic, and doesn’t yet allow for editing of posts before they’re submitted, it certainly will save me a bit of time.
And finally, Bradford’s email system is back up, so you can email me again :). I don’t appear to have lost any emails as yet. Oh yeah, and here’s a BBC news article about the university – a good one this time :).

One Comment

  1. Editing the comments did not occur to me, then again, I did not spend too much time looking through the PHP once I realized it couldn’t be used. I’ll be sure to put it in the next version I release.