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Darn the internet

In a way, I was glad I was working today, because I’ve not had to put if with an internet that seems to be on its knees at the moment. Between 8am this morning and 8pm this evening I have had 475 emails – 425 of which were infected with SoBig variant F and another 25 were accidental bounces were my address has got forged as the sender (I can assure you that I am not infected).
It’s got so bad that the university mail server has gone down completely, so you might want to hold off emailing me for me now. Trillian will be running overnight so you can IM me – ‘totalxsiva’ on AIM, ‘sashworld’ on Yahoo and ‘149181635’ on ICQ.
Then there’s the intrusion attempts – up to around 10 every minute now. ZoneAlarm is going mad.
And this annoys me immensely. Yes, I’m protected against any damage to my computer, but the actions of a few people are driving the internet down the drain. There was a time when you could get away with not having a spam filter, anti-virus utility, popup blocker, spyware cleaner and firewall and still be reasonably safe on the internet, but it appears that time has since past. Why can’t we get back to the old days?

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  1. wow, 425, that is tons. I’ve received about 4 emails infected with the Sobig.f virus today, and about 20 automated responses/bounces informing me that I am the sender of the virus to various mail servers. That is the annoying part.. why do antivirus programs bounce back emails? I would assume that most worms spoof the From field (and this one definitely does), so the bounces just add to the waste of bandwidth and time. stupid virus, makes me mad.