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Blasted postal service

Darn you Royal Mail, darn you to hell.
Back in April, I sent a form off to the Student Loans Company (SLC) which confirmed that I wanted to take out a £3000 loan for my forthcoming year at university (£3000 is the maximum amount I am entitled to based on my current financial status). This also gave details of my bank account and National Insurance number etc.
Anyway, yesterday evening it came to me that I’ve not heard anything from SLC since then, so today I rang them up (it’s a freephone number). After giving over my automated response number, PIN code, student support number, name, address, telephone number, post code, eye of newt, essence of rabbit and the souls of my first three children, I was told that my form was never received – all they had got was a letter from York Council saying I was entitled to the £3000 if I wanted it.
Great. This now means that despite deliberately sending off my form way back in April to guarantee that my loan cheque will be available to collect in September, I still have to play the ‘loan lottery’ (due to the number of other people applying around about now) as to whether the cheque will be ready on time. All because of one sodding piece of paper getting lost in the post.
Yes, I’m annoyed. I suppose it could have been worse – I could be realising this in 30 days time when I set off back to university, to find that my cash won’t be available until November or something, and then having to live off baked beans and porridge for the first few weeks until I get some money together. But still, all that forward planning, now gone to waste.
Thanks Royal Mail, thanks a bunch.

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  1. You got off lightly. I setup a redirection with Royal Mail to forward my mail to Ireland while I was working there.
    I rang Royal Mail when I noticed that I wasn’t receiving my monthly bank statements. I was told that the redirection is setup and that I must be mistaken about my mail. I told Royal Mail I should know if I am missing some mail not Royal Mail and demanded they invesigated it further. I was put through to the Regional Customer Service office only to be told the same thing. Again I demanded that they investigate further and awaited their reply.
    In the end it turned out the postman who delivers the mail never checked the computer for a redirection on my address. Royal Mail believed their computer system above me, which is fine when the postman at the end of the line actually uses the computer.
    I went through the same thing again when I returned to the UK because my postman never bothered to check when my redirection expired. To make matters worse I setup a redirection in Ireland to UK which meant my mail went round in circles !!