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Installation of NewBarbecue

On Saturday, we downloaded GNewBarbecue 1.0.0 from using ParcelForce 4.2.3. The download completed yesterday, and today we installed it.
We expanded BoxContents to /usr/bin/heaponthefloor , picked up the readme and checked that all components were there. We compiled it using HandyScrewdriver 1.3.2 and SpannerSet 2.0.1, and apart from a dependency issue with MissingScrew 4.3.2 and accidently deleting ThatSoddingBolt 2.1.7 it was built successfully after around 45 minutes. We then installed the CoatOfVarnish 2.0.45 plugin and moved it into /home/backgarden .
We didn’t run the program today but we hope to tomorrow, using the –porkchops parameter.

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