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Site speed

If this site is slow for you, it may be for the same reason as why every web site on the internet is slow – their servers are being hammered by MSBlast and its friends. I can’t confirm this but it’s a good guess.
I’ve had over 500 attempts to access port 135 on this machine over the past couple of days. It’s getting stupid.


  1. hmmm I hadn’t notice much of a slow down at all today.. I guess it’s a good thing I have been offline a lot of the last day or two. I dug Civ 3 out and decided to play a game, which takes a good day or two when you play with the huge map.

  2. Oh well, maybe it’s just me then :-/ …

  3. I’m okay, but we’ve had a lot of people call work today whining about their Internet speed being slow. Granted, half think it’s their computer, the other half just have no clue what’s going on. We use the calls to make sure they have McAfee up – the Uni’s been okay, only a handful of infected boxes; but it’d be really bad for the IT department if there was an epidemic on campus.
    I need not worry about Pyrite – I hope. Viva la Linux!!