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No, I will not fix your computer

Ryan has a great idea: buying a ‘No, I won’t fix your computer’ t-shirt from ThinkGeek. Thing is, I looked at the available sizes, and their ‘small’ is for a 34-36 inch chest. My chest is 32 inches.
It’s annoying because I don’t really like big baggy t-shirts – but being quite tall (approaching 6 feet) I tend to need larger sizes to save the world from having to look at my hairy midriff. I think I’ll have to settle for medium if I buy this t-shirt.
While we’re on the subject of body metrics, you may be intrigued (or not) to hear that I’m 62kg (nearly 10 stone – don’t ask me what that is in lb because I have no idea). That’s around 10kg less than my peak weight two or three years ago. Go me :).
Update: Google says I weigh 136.7lb. Thanks Google.


  1. Sounds a great idea – although I’d want to add a “….unless you pay me lots of money – after all you pay your plumber don’t you?” on the back of it.

  2. Think Geek T-shirt

    Thanks to Neil I read about Ryan s post about the No I will not fix your computer t-shirt. Like I said on Neil’s comments I’m tempted to put a “unless you pay me loads of money” comment on the…