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Category feeds

Each category now has its own RSS feed. That means that if you’re only interested in my Mozilla posts, or perhaps you only want to read my Program Views, then you can subscribe to a feed which only offers you what you want. It’s not too hard to do – Luke Hutteman’s public virtual MemoryStream has a handy guide although I have no doubt that many other sites also have articles on the subject. The only difficulties I had were with the archive naming, but then I attributed that to my own stupidity in the end.

You may wish to make the following alterations to the RSS archive template though:

  1. Change the <title> tag to read: <title><$MTBlogName remove_html="1" encode_xml="1"$>: <$MTArchiveTitle remove_html="1" encode_xml="1"$></title> . This includes the name of the category in the title element.
  2. Change the <description> tag to read: <description><$MTCategoryDescription remove_html="1" encode_xml="1"$></description> . This means that the category description, rather than the description of your weblog, will be included in the feed. To specify the category description, open the ‘Categories’ screen for your blog, and then click the ‘Edit Category Attributes’ link besides the category you want to add a description for.

I haven’t added Pie/(n)Echo/Atom/whatever feeds because I don’t think anyone uses that format yet. I’ll wait until the spec is finalised.

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