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Latest Firebird Nightly

Okay, I appreciate that it’s only been 12 days since I last upgraded Firebird, but hey, I’m inquisitive! And this latest nightly build is interesting. MozillaZine says it will have a similar article up today, but tough, I beat them to it >:-).

20030810 Nightly build of Mozilla Firebird The shot on the left shows the new about window. The main window hasn’t changed much, other than the inclusion by default of the Stylesheet switcher in the bottom-left corner. It looks like it only comes on if the page is being rendered in ‘Standards Compliance Mode’, ie it supplies a full HTML DocType, like this site does.

The Options window has seen the most change, and is now much, much better! 😀 The ‘Connection’ and ‘Fonts & Colors’ tabs have been moved to sub-dialogs of the ‘General’ and ‘Web Features’ tabs respectively, and two new tabs – ‘Downloads’ and ‘Advanced’ have been added. Downloads includes options for where to save downloaded files, and sees the addition of the ‘Helper Apps’ controls from the trunk Mozilla – this was something that was badly missing. ‘Advanced’ includes some of those advanced but indispensable options, like being able to turn off automatic hiding of the tabbar when only one tab is open and enabling smooth scrolling. Autoscroll – a feature missing in 0.6.1 – also makes a return.

And that hidden message under ‘Download Manager History’ on the Privacy tab has finally gone :). Except now there’s a dropdown box and some text saying “This features does not work yet”, although presumably when it does work it will let you configure when entries are removed from your download history.

I think that’s everything. If this is anything to go by, then Firebird 0.7 looks like it could be a killer release :-D.

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