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Atom 0.2

The Syndiction Format Formerly Known As Atom 0.2 is now out, and Mark has a variety of specs, example feeds and Movable Type templates for you to enjoy.
As you’d expect, I’ve updated my Atom feed to conform with the new spec, which validates in the newly updated Feed Validator. I have made a few changes; namely the language has been changed from ‘en’ to ‘en-gb’, my email address uses escaped characters to protect it from email harvesters and like Mark I use the Dublin Core <dc:subject> element so that post subjects appear in the feed. Currently that’s the only way it can be done, apparently – no allowance for post subjects has been included in the spec as of yet.
Of course, I’m still unaware of any newsreaders that understand Atom, but then it is only at version 0.2 so any that add support now will only have to recode when 0.3 comes out, and again with 0.4, and so on. Once it hits 1.0 I imagine it will become more widely adopted, although the popularity of RSS means it’s likely that it won’t become the de-facto syndication format. Probably a bit lig Ogg Vorbis to RSS’s MP3, or PNG to RSS’s GIF – the better format but without the same awareness.

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