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This makes me angry

While on my Technorati binge earlier today I came across . Now I’ve deliberately not made that a link because I’m about to slag it off.
It’s a weblog which generally focusses on religious issues, and provides comment on recent news stories. And, as you’re probably aware, there’s been a bit of a gufaffle about homosexual men in high positions in the Anglican church, on both sides of the atlantic. Now, while everyone is entitled to their opinion, to be honest, I think this guy is just plain wrong in his arguments, and treats gay men as if they are a menace to society. He also talks about the US and UK have been corrupted by modernity, and describes England as a Moslem, pagan, or atheist society that will need to be thoroughly evangelized in a repeat of Saint Augustine of Canterbury’s mission.
I can only think of five letters to describe this person, and they are B, I, G, O and T, in that order. But hey, I suppose freedom of speech should be a right, even if I wish some people shouldn’t use it…


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  2. Free speech… Yea… Tell that to the poor person that will be sent to prison for a year because he had links to sites that teach someone how to build a bomb, and talked about overthrowing the government.
    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Right or wrong. They are also entitled to a public forum in which to present their views.
    Hell, the president thinks gays are evil. I think he is evil. I digress…