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While looking at P2P clients that support the Gnutella2 protocol today, I came across MLdonkey. It certainly looks like an interesting peer to peer project, since it supports 8 different protocols, including Fasttrack, the protocol used by KaZaA.
Unfortunately it only runs on Linux, FreeBSD and Darwin (the underlying Unix distribution in Mac OS X) – there is no Windows binary available, although you can install it on a Linux box and use a Windows terminal emulation application to access it across a network connection, for example. Three such programs, all with GUI interfaces are linked from the MLdonkey home page. Apparently it’s not too happy with Cygwin either, before someone suggests that.
It’s certainly interesting though. Shareaza is still the best multi-protocol P2P client, in my opinion, but it doesn’t support Fasttrack so the range of files available is somewhat restricted. Neither Shareaza nor MLdonkey seem to support the network used by WinMX, which is my other P2P weapon of choice, mainly because of the lack of spyware and the fact that the program doesn’t grind my system to a halt like KaZaA Lite does.
Talking of which, WinMX hasn’t had an update since October last year. Strange…

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