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Breaking the bastard blogroll

Just a quickie – Stupid Evil Bastard and Breaking Windows are now blogrolled. I’ve been monitoring them for a few days and I like what I see.
Been to Ikea today to stock up for going back to university. Yes, I am fully aware that it’s only August 1st and uni is still 6 weeks away but my mother has a lot of work to do this month so she’s unsure how much free time she’ll have before I go back. And I’m not going there on the bus.
I did bump into one of my schoolfriends there, which was nice, and had to admire their computer security system – on the staff computers, there were sticky labels on the monitors saying “Password: IKEAWORK”. Very secure indeed.
By the way, has anyone else noticed that ‘blogroll’ is only one letter out from ‘bog roll’? I’d hate to think I had a roll of toilet paper on the side of my blog…
Added: Looks like some other people have been to Ikea 🙂