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What’s currently on top of my desk

Screenshot of Neil's desktopKim has a shot of her desktop on her blog, so I thought I’d do the same. You can also see it in its full 1024×768 glory.

If it interests you:

  • The image is one of the official Trillian Pro wallpapers, available to paying customers (like moi), presumably to keep them quiet while Pro 2.0 is delayed even more… (it’s in late private beta, apparently)
  • There a 5 items in my Recycle Bin. 3 old builds of Firebird, 1 old Thunderbird build and an old build of SharpReader.
  • The htaccess.txt file is the public version of what I use on here.
  • Yes, that is a shortcut to Lynx. Lynx rox.
  • Killed Services is a list of all of the services I’ve turned off. I keep that file there for reference in case something doesn’t work.
  • The duff Quick Launch icon is for Mozilla. I deleted the directory in antipation of 1.5 alpha but haven’t installed it yet. Firebird and Thunderbird are doing me fine.


  1. My Desktop?

    Neil posted his desktop on his site so I thought I’d do the same Oh and my trash?…

  2. Whats on your desktop?

    I think I am going to start annoying Neil with all of my recent pings, but his blog has too many cool things/ideas for me to ignore. I am sure I am getting on his nerves. Anyway, he posted his desktop picture, an idea he got from someone else’s blog….

  3. wish I could keep my desktop that tidy!

  4. Was it worth buying Trillian Pro? I use the free version as I cannot see much extra in the pro – or at least the blurb on their site doesn’t show there to be that much difference (unless you need peripheral features, such as the RSS features). The core is still the same, and that seems to be the most important part.

  5. You get Meta Contacts, where you can roll several user IDs under one contact name (so if someone you know has IDs on all networks you can just have them appear once).
    The Connection Manager has been overhauled (much easier to use) and Connection Preferences are much better.
    And the next version will have support for Jabber, but only in the Pro version.