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The cogs of the legal system turn slowly

The RIAA, my all-time favourite industry body (yeah, right ;)) has recently been boasting how many users it has been able to issue legal proceedings against. It sounds like a lot, but then the Electronic Frontier Foundation claims that 60 million people in America alone (about 20% of the entire population) uses P2P software. And, according to the Inquirer, that “other” tech tabloid, it will take 2191.78 years to sue them all at their current rate, effectively meaning that the process won’t be finished until some time the year 4195.
And that’s only the US users. [Link via Bits & Bytes]

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  1. A new possibility…

    …to be blogrolled. Over at Neil’s World, he takes on a subject dear to my heart: the RIAA. Read and be amused. He also has info re: Blogrolling (perhaps I should move up to Gold)….