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Blocking Zip Code Spam

Phil Ringnalda is offering an MT Hack which blocks Zip Code spam in post comments. I was hit by this myself in the dim and distant past, but it hasn’t happened recently, so that’s one reason why I haven’t done this myself.
The second reason is that if the guy who is doing this realises that a lot of people are blocking him, then he’ll just change the URL to something different. It’s why I tend to avoid blocking IP addresses since it’s easy for the scamsters to get a different one.
And the final reason is that I have comment moderation anyway, so it wouldn’t make much difference. Talking of which, I’ve just deleted a comment from someone called John using Telewest Blueyonder as his ISP (IP:, which doesn’t appear to be firewalled) who thinks the site sucks. While he’s perfectly entitled to his opinion, I’d prefer something a little more constructive than that.


  1. !sygniht yeknod swolb ti, kcus t’nseod golb sihT
    (And Neil will never be able to guess who this is from 😉 )

  2. Taking a break from fixing broken servers, are we Mr Chiswell? 😉

  3. I don’t think he can change quite that easily, since PageRank for a particular URL is the whole point of the exercise. Only a small percentage of any given month’s spamming survives until Googlebot gets to it, so if he has to start over with a new URL every month, he’ll never really get anywhere. He probably does have several established URLs already (I haven’t bothered to keep track), but unless Google’s recent changes in the way updates work ends up with rolling constant calculation of PR, he can’t just throw away URLs the way you can throw away IPs.