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Miranda license violated

The problem: You’re a company who wants to release a IM program that access all networks. You don’t want to write all the code yourself (look how long Trillian has taken and it’s still not at version 1.0), but you want to make it look like that way.

The solution: Steal Miranda’s source code and pass it off as your own.

That’s what ZeeZ IM has done, and, in reply, Miranda IM has put up a detailed press release with screenshots, showing the similarities between the two programs. Miranda IM is released under the GNU’s General Public License which could make it rather problematic for the company behind ZeeZ IM if this goes to court – as shown in the article the license for ZeeZ is all of 1 paragraph.

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  1. Miranda IM License Violated

    The open source unified messaging program, Miranda IM, has become the victim of license violation, after an Australian/Russian company called QuickRiver Ltd. used their source code in their own program, ZeeZ IM, and removed all credits from it.