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Going simple with the comments

I’m now using Adam Kalsey’s SimpleComments plugin to display the comments and trackbacks together in one rather lovely bundle, instead of in separate sections. Think of it as the comment version of peace and free love.
I’m still perfecting the display (which has meant at least 5 complete rebuilds of all 1101 entries… ) but I think I’m nearly there. Comments, and indeed trackbacks are welcome.
I’ve spent the day nursing a hangover after going out on the town for my friend Tom’s 19th birthday party. I really did drink far more than I should’ve, to the point at which I actually threw up at about 6am this morning. That’s never happened before. I did get into a moshpit though, and came out in one piece, which I was quite proud of – I don’t know the song title or the artist but the chorus at the end goes like “F*** you I won’t do what you tell me”. Kim will probably know :).
Which reminds me, Kim, or rather her recent problems with Movable Type, forms the inspiration of a tutorial entry I hope to write up tomorrow. I need to do a bit of research and experimentation with it first though. Stay tuned.

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