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Firebird 0.6.1 and Thunderbird 0.1

Yesterday saw two important new releases from the Mozilla Foundation: Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1 and Mozilla Thunderbird 0.1, the latter being the first official release of the program. And – you’ve guessed it – I’ve downloaded and installed them.
Firebird is much more stable. Part of this was due to the extra time being put into stablising Mozilla 1.5 Alpha, which it inherits the Gecko engine from, but also the fixing of the annoying Autocomplete crash bug. Hopefully this will silence those who criticised Firebird as being unstable in its last release. It’s certainly worth the upgrade if you were still using 0.6 or earlier.
There don’t appear to be that many new features in Thunderbird but it does seem a little speedier this time around.
Another update to note is the Crystal Firebird theme has been updated and it now looks and works much better than previously, although it doesn’t yet have the new cut/copy/paste buttons that are introduced in Firebird 0.6.1.

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  1. Firebird 0.61 available.

    Thanks to Neil, I’ve downloaded the latest version of Firebird, now at 0.61…..So its probably another 30 minutes of installing all the extensions and themes again….